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A Rich Legacy of Excellence As a young boy in Argentina, Hugo Fraga was fascinated with timepieces and especially the intricate motors that lay at the heart of every watch. For more than 30 years he perfected his skills as a watchmaker and technician, training his young sons along the way. After immigrating to the USA in 1977, Hugo turned his passion for watches into the American dream by opening the family`s first full-service watch store in 1982. Over the years, the family realized there was a growing need for accessible, high-quality watch repair and the first Precision Time was born. Their plan to combine the convenient location of mall kiosks with the technical expertise the Fragas are known for quickly became a huge success. Today there are nearly 100 locations across the country and Hugo`s sons and grandsons continue to share their craftsmanship and passion for watches with ever our growing Precision Time family. Expertise and experience are part of our heritage. When we say we`re “The Watch Experts,” we mean it!

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