Birmingham church has big plans for old Century Plaza mall

Birmingham church has big plans for old Century Plaza mall
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Posted on 17.02.2017
It was once one of Birmingham`s hottest shopping malls, but as time went on, Century Plaza began to die.

In June 2009, it closed for good causing a major economic hit for the east part of Birmingham.

It`s sat vacant since then with occasional talk of revitalizing it in some way. But they were just talks, until now.

In a recent blog, Thomas Beavers, Pastor of the News Rising Star Church, announced they were buying the property.

The goal, Beavers writes, is to turn the 62-acre space into a church and school.

He notes that New Rising Star and the old mall both sit in a high-crime, high-poverty area of the city.

Beavers says it`s he and his congregation`s goal to change that, something Beavers says they`ve been doing for years, pointing to the educational, financial and housing programs the church already has in place.

And now, with the purchase of Century Plaza, he believes their efforts can go to an even greater level.

Recently, New Rising Star`s Star Academy was one of two organizations vying to become Birmingham`s first charter school.

Their application was denied, but Beavers says they are appealing that decision to the state.

Thursday, we reached out to Beavers asking for an interview. He says that would be premature at this time, but says more information will be coming soon.

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