Shoppers pack the mall on the day after Christmas

Shoppers pack the mall on the day after Christmas
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Posted on 11.01.2017

People packed the Oakdale Mall to make returns and find deals before the new year.

There were some crowds at the Oakdale Mall Monday, but overall shoppers say there weren`t clogged aisles and long checkout lines.

However, officers from the Johnson City Police Department helped direct traffic throughout the parking lot.

People were looking for deals on clothing, decor and new items for spring.

Crews were also cleaning up the large Christmas Display, as the lit-up Menorah shined right behind it.

Stores including Aeropostale, Victoria`s Secret, Yankee Candle and Journeys were advertising deals as high as 80-percent off.

Shopper Michelle Ballard lives in Florida and spent the holiday weekend in our area.

She says there were some great deals on holiday decor.

"I`m looking to get some deals and shop at JC Penney`s and look for after Christmas sales. There`s a lot of Christmas items like ornaments, decorations, sweaters and different things," said Ballard.

Sixteen-year-old Jonathan Blewett is from Great Bend.

He came alongside his family to shop for a number items at the Oakdale Mall.

Overall, he says he wasn`t looking for anything in particular.

"I`m shopping around with my grandma and family. I got a few gift cards for Christmas, so I`m looking for things. Hollister has a few sales and I plan on going to Champs. I`m just looking around," said Blewett.

The Oakdale Mall will be open through Friday from 10 to 9.

It`s open 10 to 6 on New Year`s Eve and 11 to 6 on New Year`s day.

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